UAC Payroll Made Easy


In this course, you will learn:

  • Payroll processing for 99% of companies

  • Understand payroll terms and methods

  • Gain confidence when working with businesses as a payroll processor

Course curriculum

    • Welcome

    • Business Entities

    • Learning Activity 1: W-9

    • Learning Activity 1: Answer Key

    • Employees

    • Learning Activity 2: W-4

    • Learning Activity 2: Answer Key

    • Earnings

    • Learning Activity 3: Time Cards

    • Learning Activity 3: Answer Key

    • Withholding Employee Taxes

    • Learning Activity 4: Taxes

    • Learning Activity 4: Answer Key

    • Deductions

    • Paying Employees – Time Sensitive Issues

    • Tax Deposits and Filing

    • Learning Activity 5: W-2

    • Learning Activity 5: Answer Key

Payroll Made Easy Final Exam

Your Instructor

Allen Bostrom, CPA

Allen Bostrom, CPA, served as the President/CEO from 1979 until 2014. During his tenure, he developed a keen interest in enhancing the skills of accountants to become more proficient business consultants, providing stronger support to both their employers and small clients. Since then, he has dedicated himself to training tens of thousands of accountants, bookkeepers, and tax preparers in effective practice and client management techniques and strategies.

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