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Welcome to Doba Tax and Accounting Academy (DATA), where you can embark on a transformative journey in the world of tax and accounting. Our diverse courses, from the Certified Bookkeeper to the Professional Tax Preparer Course, offer expert coaching and self-paced learning. 

Why Sign up for a course from us?

Our courses offer a lot of benefits for first timers and seasoned professionals.

Convenient Self-Paced Learning

Learn at your pace through our user-friendly online video tutorials. With flexible scheduling, tailor your training to fit your busy lifestyle.

Expert Coaching Support

Access ongoing guidance from seasoned accounting professionals. Even after completion, our support continues, aiding your transition into the field.

Reasonable Program Lengths

Complete our Training & Certification in just 3-6 weeks. Designed for efficiency, our programs help you swiftly gain expertise without lengthy commitments.

Affordable Programs

Our courses are priced competitively, ensuring affordability without compromising quality. Compare our rates to other providers and witness the value.

Unique Training Options

Discover our distinctive post-secondary school approach. We offer varied training and tuition options not found elsewhere, providing flexibility and choice.

Business & Marketing Strategies

Beyond accounting, acquire vital business and marketing skills. Our curriculum prepares you not just to manage accounts but also to thrive in the industry.

Join a community of like minded individuals.

Collaborate with fellow students, expert coaches, professional accountants and experienced tax auditors with ease. Enjoy access to forums, groups and discussions even after you are done with the course.

Industry-Recognized Certificates

Our courses offer certificates recognized and respected within the industry. Gain tangible proof of your expertise, enhancing your credibility and job prospects.

Alumni Network

Upon completion, become part of our thriving alumni network. Access exclusive resources, events, and continuing education to keep your skills current.

Got Questions?

Explore our frequently asked questions (FAQs) to find answers and gain clarity. Whether it’s about course durations, payment options, or certification, our FAQs cover it all. Dive in to learn more and make informed decisions about your education journey.

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Start learning without having to pay it all at once.