QuickBooks Online Bootcamp

Join Alicia as she takes you through the basics, highlights, and tips of QuickBooks Online in her class “QuickBooks Online Bootcamp”.


This QuickBooks Online tutorial for beginners teaches small business owners and bookkeepers how to use all QBO’s essential tools and workflows to track its income and expenses for taxes and business success.

“Hands down, the most comprehensive QuickBooks Online course out there; great for beginners and certification seekers!” – Hector Garcia CPA

Basic Training, often known as, “bootcamp”, is an introduction to the Army, and where recruits learn the traditions, tactics and methods of becoming a soldier.

And much like U.S. Army Bootcamp, my QuickBooks Online Bootcamp requires courage, discipline, and a hunger for excellence. 

It’s hard work…but it doesn’t require sacrifice!

Unlike U.S. Army Bootcamp, in my QBO Bootcamp I will encourage you instead of yell at you, hold your hand instead of force you to march, and you DEFINITELY won’t have to clean your privy with your toothbrush.

When we’re through, you will have the QBO skills to solve any problem, conquer any transaction, silence your doubts, and tackle any task.

You will become a pillar of bookkeeping excellence, capable of handling whatever is thrown your way with strength, dignity, and grace.


Intuit’s QuickBooks Online (QBO) is the number one accounting software with millions of customers. It is both extremely useful and easy to use…once you learn how.

If you are a small business owner or bookkeeper that has never used QuickBooks Online, you need to take this course.

And it’s best to learn the essentials from a Top 10 ProAdvisor so that you get set up properly, from the beginning! And who puts the “fun” in fundamentals more than QBO Rockstar Alicia Katz Pollock!

Alicia has designed this QBO Bootcamp course to be approachable and absorbable so you gain a solid understanding of how QuickBooks software works. With easy to follow step-by-step guidance, Alicia will cover everything you need to quickly get up and running.

By the end of this course, you will have learned how to easily manage your company’s daily workflow using QuickBooks Online and be able to run insightful reports to analyze growth.

  • Getting Started: Alicia teaches the vital importance of bookkeeping, how to choose the correct version of QBO for your needs, and how to properly set up your file.
  • Banking: We’ll also explore the Banking Center, which runs the automation that connects QBO to your bank for easy data entry.
  • Customers: Alicia covers all the essential Customers and Accounts Receivable tasks, including how to create invoices for your customers and workflows for getting paid quickly.
  • Vendors: We’ll tackle Vendors, Accounts Payable, and all the ways you’ll record your company’s expenses.
  • Reports: Then we’ll learn how to run the key reports that show how well your company is doing!
  • Tools: Explore other features in QBO that help you enjoy the software.


When you register for this class, you’ll also receive a free pdf of Alicia’s book, “Master Intuit QuickBooks Online: From Set Up to Tax Time”. Use it to follow along with the class, and later as a reference book to look things up quickly.


After completing this course, you will be able to: 

  1. Choose the proper QBO Subscription for your needs
  2. Set up a new QBO file
  3. Create sales transactions to receive money from your customers
  4. Create expense transactions to pay your vendors
  5. Use QBO’s Banking Center and reconcile your bank statements
  6. Run reports analyzing your company’s performance


What You’ll Learn 

  •  The importance of good record-keeping.
  •  When to hire a bookkeeper and when can you do it yourself?
  •  Common bookkeeping mistakes business owners make.
  •  Setting up QuickBooks®   
  •  QuickBooks Accounts and Settings.
  •  Creating your Products and Service Items list.
  •  Working with Customers (Accounts Receivable): Estimates, Invoices, Sales Receipts, Payments.
  •  Working with Vendors (Accounts Payable): Bills, Payments, Expenses, Checks.
  • Running basic reports
  • Using QuickBooks Online’s built-in automation features.

Course Details

Instructional Level:  Basic

Course Length:  10 hours

Course Credits: Certificate of Completion

Field of Study:  Accounting

Delivery Method:  QAS/Self Study

Who should take this class?

  •  Business owners and employees who maintain their company’s financial records.
  •  Students and job-seekers looking to boost their employment marketability.
  •  Entrepreneurs and new business owners who are just getting started, and want to make sure they have solid business knowledge so that they can succeed.
  •  Seasoned users looking to glean essential nuggets of information to make using QuickBooks easier and faster than before.
  •  Bookkeepers and Accountants who wish to brush up on their skills.

Course curriculum

About Your Instructor

  • Bootcamp Introduction and Agenda

  • Master QuickBooks Online textbook

  • Setting Up Your QuickBooks Reading Resource

  • Setting Up Your QuickBooks

  • Getting Around QBO Reading Resource

  • Getting Around in QBO

  • Navigation Tricks Reading Resource

  • Navigation Tricks

  • Creating a New Company File in QBO Reading Resource

  • Creating a New Company File in QBO

  • Accounts and Settings Reading Resource

  • Accounts and Settings

  • Adding Users and Permissions Reading Resource

  • Adding Users

  • Chart of Accounts Reading Resource

  • The Chart of Accounts

  • Products and Services Reading Resource

  • Products and Services

  • Classes Locations and Tags Reading Resource

  • Classes, Locations and Tags

  • Quiz: Lists, Chart of Accounts, Products & Services

  • Adding and Managing Vendors Reading Resource

  • Adding and Managing Vendors

  • Workflow for Expenses Reading Resource

  • Workflow for Expenses

  • Purchase Orders Reading Resources

  • Purchase Orders

  • Bills and Payments Reading Resource

  • Bills and Payments

  • Writing Checks Reading Resource

  • Writing Checks

  • Creating Expenses Reading Resource

  • Creating Expenses

  • Vendor Credits and Refunds Reading Resource

  • Vendor Credit and Refunds

  • Job Costing Expenses Reading Resource

  • Job Costing and Item Profitability

  • Refunds, Issuing and Applying Vendor Credits

  • Employees and Workers (1099)

  • The Banking Center Reading Resource

  • The Banking Center

  • Reconciling Reading Resource

  • Reconciling

  • Quiz: Banking

  • Customer Sales Preferences Reading Resource

  • Customer Sales Preferences

  • Customer Center Reading Resource

  • Customer Center

  • Managing Customers Reading Resource

  • Managing Customers

  • Workflow for Getting Paid Reading Resource

  • Workflow for Getting Paid

  • Sales Receipts Reading Resource

  • Sales Receipts

  • Invoices and Payments Reading Resource

  • Invoices and Payments

  • Merchant Services Reading Resource

  • Merchant Services

  • Bank Deposits Reading Resource

  • Bank Deposits

  • Estimates and Progress Invoicing Reading Resource

  • Estimates & Progress Invoicing

  • Credit Memos and Refunds Reading Resource

  • Credit Memo and Refunds

  • Taking Deposits for Work to be Performed

  • Customer Sales Reports

  • Quiz: Customers

  • Running Reports Reading Resource

  • Running Reports

  • More Transactions Reading Resource

  • More Transactions

  • Recurring Transactions Reading Resource

  • Recurring Transactions

  • Journal Entries Reading Resource

  • Journal Entries

  • Business Features Reading Resource

  • Business Features

  • Leave Us a Review

  • Quiz: Additional Transactions

  • QuickBooks Online Bootcamp Final Exam

  • The Top Dozen Mistakes People Make

  • Where to Go From Here

  • Index

  • More Trainings from Royalwise

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